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San Antonio, TX | 63,000 Sq. Ft. | $45,000,000 | New Construction

San Antonio Children’s Museum chose LCCx, LLC to perform LEED Enhanced Commissioning for this new Children’s Museum along Broadway, near downtown San Antonio.

The new 63,000 SF Museum is comprised of a series of three, two-story Exhibit Halls. Between each Exhibit Hall glass facades create daylight flooded transitional spaces that connect visitors to the outdoor exhibit yards.

LCCx performed Enhanced LEED Commissioning on this LEED gold project pursuit.  We reviewed documents and submittals, developed a systems manual and worked closely with the commissioning agents doing the fundamental commissioning.  This complex project had demand control ventilation air flow monitoring and controls on both the supply and the exhaust which are critical to efficient operation of the HVAC system. 


In addition to the typical LEED Gold Commissioning we independently Commissioned the Solar PV Array which was part of a larger city renewable energy program as well as a learning experience for museum guests.

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