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Austin, TX | 9,200 Sq. Ft. | $1,000,000 | Commissioning
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LCCx worked as BEE Commissioning’s sub-consultant on BEE’s assignment from the City of Austin Commissioning Rotation List. LCCx performed multiple site visits to identify issues on the exterior mock-up display. LCCx identified multiple Building Enclosure submittal issues regarding lack of warranty information on multiple systems. (flashing, air barriers, and window installation). We identified laps in coverages of warranties which could then be addressed by the General Contractor.


LCCx performed the full range of Building Enclosure Services. We reviewed the Owner’s OPR and BOD (Basis of Design) for the project. We commented extensively during the design and submittal review processes and we developed the enclosure specification.


We were particularly successful during construction observation phase at identifying potential air barrier leaks and working with the design and construction teams to achieve solutions. We worked very closely with the air barrier membrane manufacturer and the water-proofing/damp-proofing contractors. We worked closely with the roofer to assure that roofing details were consistent with maintaining the integrity of the air barrier. We made several recommendations which were incorporated. Typically we will perform a Functional Performance Test (FPT) in the form of ASTM E779 (Air Leakage Rate by Fan Pressurization). The project opted not to perform this FPT.

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