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Fire Stations #1 #50_RetroCx.jpg
San Antonio, TX | 11,600 Sq. Ft. | Retro-Commissioning
Fire Stations #1 #50_RetroCx4.jpg
Fire Stations #1 #50_RetroCx2.jpg
Fire Stations #1 #50_RetroCx3.jpg

LCCx performed Retro-Commissioning on two City of San Antonio-owned fire stations, working directly with the city’s Office of Sustainability.

Fire Station #1 is a functioning fire station and the location of the Fire Control Operations Center. We discovered that the fire truck exhaust evacuation system was not properly working due to non-functioning dampers. Another problem we discovered was a black soot residue which was being deposited inside the station’s office spaces. This was due to the fire truck exhaust system not functioning properly.

Fire Station #50 was a functioning fire station. We commissioned the HVAC system, domestic hot water heating, and the lighting controls. The facility achieved the USGBC LEED Silver Certification level upon initial completion.

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