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Fire Stations #18 #30 Cx2.jpg
San Antonio, TX | 14,000 Sq. Ft. | $5,900,000 - $6,100,000 | Commissioning
Fire Stations #18 #30 Cx.jpg

LCCx performed the commissioning requirements of IECC 2015 as well as the enhanced requirements suggested for Building Commissioning in ASHRAE guideline 0 on this new construction and expansion renovation of two City of San Antonio fire stations.

In addition to commissioning the basic HVAC, lighting controls, and service hot water systems we also commissioned the Emergency Generator and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). We participated in Design Reviews, commenting on the maintainability of the systems and performed Submittal Reviews while maintaining a Commissioning Issues Log throughout the project.

In addition, we returned to perform Alternate Season Testing to assure that the systems were operating in the winter heating season as well as the summer cooling season, providing the owner with Final Commissioning Reports and Addendums for the Alternate Season Testing.

Each fire station was designed to meet the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standard, NFPA 1710 with emergency response times of six minutes for EMS calls and six minutes, twenty seconds for fire calls.

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