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Hays Co. Justice Center_Cx-TAB (1).jpg
San Marcos, TX | 192,400 Sq. Ft. | $106,400,000 | Commissioning, HVAC Test & Balance

LCCx was engaged by Hays County with Project Management firm ECM International to perform IECC 2015 Commissioning (Cx) and HVAC Test & Balance (TAB) services on the Hays County Jail Renovation & Expansion. The Justice Center was a three-part project: Phase 1 consisted of the relocation of a fleet maintenance building. Phase 2 included the construction of an addition to the existing Justice Center (jail). Phase 3 required the Commissioning and HVAC TAB of a Training Center. LCCx used Cx Alloy software to manage the Commissioning process.

The justice center project was extremely challenging from a scheduling standpoint. The fleet building had to be constructed and in operation so that the old fleet building, which stood in the footprint of the new jail expansion, could be demolished. During the demolition, several utilities were discovered which had to be relocated in order to construct the new jail on its design footprint.

Jail facility Commissioning and Test and Balance is a specialty in its own right in that the functioning of the HVAC system and the Smoke Exhaust System have to conform to standards of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. It is of upmost importance to maintain strict security during various failure modes of the Mechanical and Electrical systems such as maintaining Security and Life Safety during power outages and fire alarm situations. Each of the systems must be rigorously commissioned to allow successful completion of the final testing inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

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