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Hays Co. PSB_Cx.jpg
San Marcos, TX | 192,400 Sq. Ft. | $79,000,000 | MEP Commissioning, Building Enclosure Commissioning, HVAC Test & Balance

LCCx was engaged by Hays County with Project Manager ECM International to perform MEP Commissioning (Cx), Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx), and HVAC Test and Balance (TAB) on the new Hays County Public Safety Building. This building is a consolidation of various offices into one location allowing communication and coordination to first responders for all of Hays county and surrounding areas. The station is manned 24/7/365 to allow incoming 911 calls to be answered and responders to be dispatched. LCCx managed this project on Cx Alloy software.

The public safety building is a critical use facility because it involves life and safety systems that require 24/7/365 operation. This facility has its own data center to allow near 100% up-time of the voice and data systems for emergency calls. Therefore, it is critical that energy using systems of this building continue to provide full-time operation even during various failure modes such as power outages, utility disruption, etc. As a Tier III Data Center the building is served by two separate utility sources as well as an Emergency Generator system for full building operation.

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