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Dallas, TX | 66,000 Sq. Ft. | $49,000 | HVAC Test, Adjust & Balance of Medical Room Ventilation System

Our team performed HVAC Test and Balance in the hospital Ambulatory Surgical Center. HVAC Test and Balance
services provided by our team included:

  • Relative pressurization readings.

  • Testing of AHU (Air Handler Unit) flow traverses on 37 AHUs.

  • Confirm air change rates in six operating rooms to verify occupancy programming set points for room airflow and adjust rooms for positive pressurization in both occupied & unoccupied modes.

  • Provided recommendations for engineering controls and procedural work practices.


Most testing was performed after hours and on weekends to accommodate hospital occupancy schedules.

We calibrated the outside air differential pressure sensors in the Ambulatory Surgical Center to assist the Center with building over pressurization issues. In the course of doing so, we assisted the Center with particulate fouling of the outside air flow sensors. This has been an issue for the hospital. We recommended a pre-filtration outside air filtration system. By setting the Air Handling Units (AHU) to control by Differential Pressure (DP), they are now able to operate more efficiently.

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