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San Antonio, TX | 40,000 Sq. Ft. | $16,000,000 | Existing Building

LCCx was selected to provide LEED Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning on this project seeking LEED Silver certification. 


LCCx services included full commissioning of the Mechanical systems, Electrical Emergency Power systems, and an Integrated Systems Test. 

The Owners engaged LCCx to perform additional duties as the Mechanical and Electrical Inspector for the project.  This was a unique facility for the City’s First Responders.  Redundancy in the systems was critical.  LCCx offered design input to assure that maximum flexibility was obtained.  This critical facility was also a high security facility. The design included blast protection, vehicle denial with input from Homeland Security.  LCCx feels our input was valuable in maintaining the high reliability of this mission critical facility.

Located on Brooks City Base this one story building operates 24 hours and has several mission critical systems. In addition to the LEED commissioning, the Mission Critical Systems (backup generators, UPS, etc.) and a Tier 3 (99.9% operational time) rated call/ data system were commissioned.  The 911 call center/ dispatch center includes living spaces for fire department personnel.  The facility has a high degree of survivability, including redundant systems to ensure continued operation during power outages and catastrophic events. Beneath the raised flooring in its 115-operator dispatch room are more than six miles of data wiring. The building has multiple chillers, air handlers and generators.

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