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SAISD Thomas Jefferson High School
San Antonio, TX | Various Sq. Ft. | $60,000,000 | Retro Commissioning, HVAC Commissioning, HVAC Test & Balance

This SAISD project was a remodel of an historic structure. Thomas Jefferson High School, completed in 1932, is in the National Register of Historic Places. This is the third extensive remodel of the building.

Our team conducted an extensive Pre-TAB audit of the school to identify each piece of existing equipment, all of which will be reused in the completed school. The current work packages do not include all of the equipment since some areas of the school are not being renovated.

Since the building is so historic and had been remodeled so many times, not all the equipment was identified by the available records. We cataloged each piece of equipment and evaluated its life expectancy, since all the equipment, whether new or existing will be a part of this $60 million renovation.

As part of our scope of work we performed Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of the entire school. This holistic approach to TAB is to ensure that the whole building will be performing adequately whether the new or existing equipment is being used.

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