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Austin, TX | 133,000 Sq. Ft. | $3,000,000 | Test, Adjust & Balance

This project was awarded as a Task Order on our Texas Facilities Commission IDIQ HVAC Testing and Balancing (TAB) Professional Engineering Services. In addition LCCx provided Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning (Cx).  The State Records Center Renovation project was a major mechanical system retrofit durring an interior renovation of the 133,000 sq. ft. building. 


LCCX, performed Test, Adjust, and Balance (TAB) and served as the TAB authority to coordinate and provide “AABC/NEBB” TAB Services including the development of a TAB plan, a TAB System Readiness Checklist and functional test procedures for HVAC equipment. 


The LCCX, LLC team reviewed installation of equipment, review of the manufacture’s start-up procedures and assisted in problem and deficiency resolution.  During TAB LCCx chaired and documented meeting progress while identifying and resolving Deficiency Issues.  Finally LCCx prepared a comprehensive Summary TAB Report.

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