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TFC North Austin Campus (cooling tower)_
Austin, TX | 406,000 Sq. Ft. | $42,922,000 | Building Enclosure Commissioning & Design Review

TFC tasked LCCx with overseeing the Building Enclosure Commissioning team. We performed this commissioning process as if it were a LEED project; reviewing design reviews, submittal reviews, specification reviews and making on-site observations as well as issuing a final commissioning report. We worked closely with the Laboratory which the owner had engaged to perform curtain wall testing and complete air barrier test. We oversaw all the testing and incorporated those results into our final commissioning report.

The North Austin Complex was the first major office building that the Texas Facilities Commission built in almost two decades. It houses multiple state agencies. This building has various enclosure conditions, from under floor to exterior subgrade waterproofing to curtain wall to TPO roofing, not to mention joint sealants and fixed glazed openings.

The nine-story office building includes a mechanical penthouse and an adjacent seven-story parking garage for approximately 1,850 cars. A central utility plant to be constructed inside the parking garage will provide service for the office building as well as equipment space and capacity to support future buildings. The structure consisted of drilled concrete piers with a cast-in-place concrete superstructure. The exterior skin consists of a mixture of masonry, glass, and metal panels.

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