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San Antonio, TX | 133,000 Sq. Ft. | $55,000,000 | New Construction

Air handler replacement. Major air handler replacement, replacing 25-30 year old air handlers in the building. Hired by Cx agent (Stanley Consultants) to do the TAB work - had to measure every new air handler.

Did stairwell pressurization testing for COA fire department. Chris did all the work. Across the street from the SFA building.

Operating building, had to keep building operational and minimize disruption to occupants. Department of Education


From a quality control standpoint, LCCx was able to ensure control valve installation was performed correctly by the mechanical contractor. Tagged properly by unit


Unusual from the standpoint that their work was limited to the mechanical units. The ductwork and VAV boxes with pneumatic controls were existing and not replaced at this time. Subsequent to this project, the pneumatic controls were all changed to digital controls. Challenging because were unable to verify functionality of the existing equipment with our limited scope.


Challenging because the contractor had to vacuum desks at night due to dust control concerns when working with the existing systems. Wipe down stairwell handrails, too.

Stairwell pressurization had to take place on nights and weekends because it was in use during office hours.

Tom Greene was the engineer and DSI was the mechanical contractor. Contracted through the GC (Flintco or Vaughn? Flintco was GC on Sam Houston; Vaughn was GC SFA - offices of TxGLO)

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