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Texas School for the Deaf
Austin, TX | 364,000 Sq. Ft. | $20,000,000 | Test, Adjust & Balance

LCCx performed Test, Adjust & Balance (TAB) services on 9 campus buildings at the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) as part of a major building renovation program created to address deferred maintenance items.

The TAB services were performed at this historic campus on a variety of buildings including classrooms, dorms, offices, the gymnasium, and the natatorium.


One of the major challenges of this project was that most of the students live on campus. LCCx worked on nights and weekends and during school breaks to minimize disruption. The special needs of the student population and the full-time occupancy of some of the buildings made this project different from other K-12 projects.


In early 2020, the campus was locked down due to COVID to protect the students, which also affected the LCCx work and schedule. Our team was able to adjust accordingly and continue to safely complete our TAB services.

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