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Austin, TX | 883,501 Sq. Ft. | $3,690,000 | HVAC Test & Balance, HVAC Retro-Commissioning Deferred Maintenance
TFC WBT _ SFA Bldgs_TAB-DM1.jpg

LCCx performed HVAC Test & Balance (TAB) services in conjunction with the commissioning agents, Stanley Consultants, to replace all of the Heating and Air Conditioning Units (AHU) in both the Stephen F. Austin and William B. Travis state office buildings. Both buildings were receiving new AHUs to replace the originals as a part of the Texas Facilities Commission’s Deferred Maintenance program.

We balanced the hot and cold air sections of the AHU as well as a hydronic balance on the hot and cold water coils. This was an intensive project which was accomplished in a short amount of time. The contractors worked closely with the TAB agent and the commissioning agents to ensure a smooth process wherein portions of the work were performed as the equipment was made available. This allowed a smooth transition as we worked from floor to floor, balancing the water sides first and then the air sides. The TAB duration of the project was approximately one year.

An important lesson learned on this project was in regards to the control valves. We were diligent in working with the construction team to assure that the correct control valves and the correct name tags, with Cv values, were in place prior to TAB and Commissioning.

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