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Austin, TX | 5,000 Sq. Ft. | $300,000 | Test, Adjust & Balance

Following an HVAC renovation of the building, the stairwell pressurization and City of Austin fire department stairwell recertification testing were completed by LCCx.

The stairwell pressurization test is typically performed as part of Test, Adjust & Balance services, and measures the differential pressure between the stairwell and the ambient space of the building. Once the differential air pressure is confirmed, the opening pressure of the doors is measured to confirm that the door is able to operate within the approved pressure parameters. This test is designed to ensure the safety of the building occupants during a fire or smoke event.

The City of Austin fire department also sets test parameters for building and stairwell pressurization. Performing the City of Austin testing is not typically a Test, Adjust & Balance function, but this service was also provided by LCCx. The test results are provided to the fire department to document that the testing is completed and that the safety requirements have been met.

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