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San Antonio, TX | 1,000,000 Sq. Ft. | $600,000,000 | New Construction

University Health Systems selected the LCCx team to perform MEP Commissioning on the Sky Tower Central Utility Plant.

This state of the art healthcare facility was a complete replacement of the existing facility while the existing facility was still fully functional.  The old central plant was maintained in place to serve the existing buildings which were being converted into patient rooms, teaching hospital, and training facilities.  


The project consisted of a new Central Plant and new Emergency Power Generators.  One of the more complex elements of the projects was commissioning all of the emergency power systems. 


There were numerous ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) which supplied emergency power to keep the operating room and the emergency rooms in operation in the event of loss of utility power.    There were some 1900 VAV boxes on the project to which we applied a sampling methodology.  It goes without saying the emergency care facilities required backup power at all times. 

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